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Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to help nonprofit and public organizations and their communities thrive into the future. Our clients are major engines for their local economies and, as such, are prized community assets. We aim to do the best thing for all stakeholders involved. To that end, we donate a portion of our fees to organizations that promote health care, education and economic development.

Because it’s not just a university or healthcare organization. It’s a current or potential engine of economic growth, providing good jobs, stability and fulfilled dreams for families. It’s an investment in the local community for the long term.

Like-Minded Community Allies

Along our professional journeys, we’ve encountered a number of other firms that see the world like we do and that would like to strengthen other institutions and communities in ways that complement our efforts. We encourage you to get to know these allies of ours.

ArchGate Partners CapZone Impact Investments LLC

CapZone Impact Investments

CapZone Impact Investments mobilizes capital for investment in qualifying projects in more than 8,000 Opportunity Zones across the US and Puerto Rico. These areas have been designated by governors as economically challenged, and they qualify for tax-advantaged capital investment in facilities and businesses. CapZone is a recognized leader in managing funds, structuring projects and ensuring regulatory compliance for these important parts of our communities.

Visit CapZone at

ArchGate Partners SouthCol

SouthCol Advisors

SouthCol Advisors is an institutional investment consulting firm focused on helping clients make a positive difference in their communities and the world. Working with institutional clients such as foundations and endowments, SouthCol guides boards and investment committees through a clearly articulated governance process. SouthCol is focused on building mission-aligned investment portfolios with the intent to help clients fund and amplify mission and to help fiduciaries quantify and communicate their impact to stakeholders.

Visit SouthCol at

If you are, or know of, an organization that sounds like an ArchGate Ally, please contact us.